Lb ranch mustangs

Lb ranch mustangs

Do you know the Mustangs? These are horses of American origin who are particularly famous for their strength and capacity. Well, we have them at home. Our horse ranch has all kinds of horses, from the pony to the mustangs that we put at the disposal of our customers. Whether you are an amateur or an equestrian sports enthusiast, you can come and visit our ranch and our animals.

A ranch to entertain before anything else!

Although we have a specially designed place for equestrian sports professionals, our goal is first and foremost to entertain our visitors. If you come to relax or have a good time, you will not be disappointed with the experiences we will offer. Thanks to the immensity of our ranch, it is possible to venture into unusual and interesting places. Even if you are at your first experience, you do not have to worry. Our team is composed of instructors and trainers who will do everything to get used to the horses. You will quickly forget your fear. In addition, it is possible to come to us as a group. So if you wanted to entertain yourself with family, friends or colleagues, just come to us.

A mustang ranch for professionals

There are not only instructors for amateurs and new apprentices at our premises, we also have monitors available to experts. They have all the knowledge, skills and experience to train equestrian sports professionals or those who wish to learn more about horseback riding. It is even possible to take courses to become expert riders at home. Our terrain and our equipment are developed and designed with the aim of offering to all those who love horses a real pleasure. In short, we are open to the public no matter their level and their knowledge of horses and mustangs.

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