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Find your horse classify here ! is one of platforms running the permanent rank of each horse in the race whether permanent or a professional in any discipline with a hierarchy based on performance achieved in each of the high value sporting events in all countries of the world. This ranking is updated weekly. Note that the same horse may well appear in both rankings. However, if he gets two rankings in a single test, only the one with the best performance count.

Each horse must finish a race counting for the ranking gets points. Indeed, valid licenses are the only ones that can fit within the classification in question. Not to mention it will also consider the performance obtained in the year preceding the calculation. A performance must then have a period of validity of at moin a year for this type of classification. The basic points are generally obtained from the ranking as the horse or the rider has obtained during the test but also by the number of starters. If there is removal or abandonment, no points will be assigned.

Everything about the horse through Equitack

Equitack not only guarantees you a ranking updated as regularly as possible but he will give you all the information you need about whether horses dressage, clubs around you, and competitions other. You can register for free on our website and can even have your own personal space. The section will allow you to view but also to change at any time list your horses and your favorite riders. You can add or delete your favorite horse in this list or add them to your favorites.

If you want to continuously monitor the ranking of your favorite racehorse amateur or professional, know that you can always stay connected with Equestrian Classifieds. We will always do our best to give you great satisfaction and quality services.

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