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The difference inbetween certain saddles

Going for an occasion without the right tools to do the job is very disadvantageous for a rider. While both cutting and roping saddles are robust, each is specifically designed to provide an edge in the specific job. Learn what structure serves you best as a rider before going to saddle-shopping.

Cutting Versus Roping

A cutting rider's saddle needs to promote agility and communication. A roping rider needs a saddle to support the stress of a live animal being hang around to the horn.

Cutting Saddles

Cutting saddles are adapted for agility and interaction between the rider and his horse. These specially designed saddles have a horizontal seat with a low cantle and a small rise just before a high pommel. The cutting saddle uses rough-out leather where the rider put’s his legs when he is in the seat.

Roping Saddles

Roping saddles on the other hand, are built to take a lot of cruelty. They feature a durable saddle tree and equally robust ropes. The seat of this type of saddle is shaped to help keep the rider in position and also normally made out of suede to help give the rider additional adhesive friction when in the saddle.

Dressage saddle versus jumping saddles

There are many types of English saddles. Let’s take a look at the different between this two type of saddles.

Dressage saddles

They are made in such a way that riders sit a deeper seat. This permits the rider to be closer to the horse due to the close contact between them. This action is done with precision under surveillance.

Jumping saddles

Jumping saddles are designed in order to facilitate the rider to get into a jumping position readily. That is why the seat is narrow. It allows the rider to change from a balance seat to forward seat.

It’s very important to know the type of saddle to use for particular events. Prefer used saddle from cwd used saddles if you are new then you will spend less and thus find the one adapted for you.

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