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How to be sure of purchasing a quality used saddle

Used saddles on sale on the internet are legion. The saddle is the most important accessory for any rider. How to navigate and not to be mistaken about its quality when buying? Several parameters must be taken into account. At, used saddles are on sale. This site provides you a good quality on its products. Here are tips that you have to consider before any purchase.

Before buying a used saddle

Choosing to buy a used saddle through websites, such as Equirodi, is an effective way to find a high quality product at a reasonable price, tailored to the budget you want to spend. Establish the latter precisely, choose your favorite model according to the use you make it: ride or sport. Require to try the saddle before buying it. Although, in the photos, it has a great look, it is not necessarily the one that will suit the horse or ensure its comfort and yours. Establish your aesthetic, budgetary, technical criteria.

Negotiation and verification of equipment

If the prices are attractive, you have a certain margin of negotiation but do not abuse it. Once the seat is received and tested, check the condition of the stirrup leathers, the pommel, the stirrups, the strap and all the elements that compose it. Pay special attention to the tree, especially if it is a saddle of a certain age. Be careful, the saddle can also be sold without all these accessories. In this case, it will be said that it is sold "naked". If the seller is not far from your home, which is the most practical and the least expensive, try the saddle. Otherwise, ask for it to be sent against a check or by bank transfer or any other electronic means. Palpate to check the padding and seams, the condition of the leather learn the techniques to maintain it regularly, and of course try it on your mount.

The used saddles were in principle reviewed in the workshop by saddlers. These professionals will also be better able to advise you on the choice of the saddle of good quality.

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