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Our aim is to offer the best quality products

Feeding animals contributes to providing a balanced diet, in quality and quantity, while preserving resources and the environment. Research efforts are making it possible to improve the composition of animal feeds every day to better feed humans. A diet adapted to all farming methods (outdoor label, open-air soil, cages ...) is crucial for good egg productivity.

The best quality

The egg from the site is a food of naturally exceptional composition, affordable, easy to cook in a thousand and one ways. Our technicians are experts in nutrition but also in the management of hygiene, prophylaxis, drinking water, ventilation, equipment and environment of poultry houses or laying eggs. Our technicians are attentive to the objectives of productivity, egg quality (coloring ...) and their shell, weight ... The egg from us has been for years a partner of choice in improving the health of some patients. It not only achieves the recommended intakes of omega 3, high biological value protein, and critical micronutrients, but is also a source of satiety, well-being and enjoyment.

Very good for your health

The site egg is recommended for cardiac patients and anyone who cares about health and well-being. In addition to the fact that the cholesterol present in the yolk does not influence the blood cholesterol level, this egg is distinguished from all others by its high content of essential fatty acids type omega 3 (with an excellent ratio omega 6 / omega 3 ) and phospholipids of very good quality. The egg quality can therefore be considered as a full-fledged actor of responsible nutrition in terms of cardiovascular health. In restaurants, chefs use only eggs from home, because these eggs are of high quality for fine cuisine, are tasty and contribute to the success of our various preparations (omelets, mayonnaise, etc.). The egg is good for health, it is scientifically proven by clinical studies. It comes from local farms, ensuring animal welfare and providing a higher income to farmers.

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