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What to check first when buying a used saddle?

The saddle is an important accessory to practice horse riding. But the price of a new saddle can sometimes discourage you. Fortunately, there are used saddles. Follow our tips and tricks to help you better choose your used saddles; things to check before you start any purchase.

What kind of used saddle to choose?

A saddle corresponds to a particular equestrian discipline. Indeed, each discipline equestrian, it requires a saddle that corresponds to the requirements of that discipline. Nevertheless, there are so-called mixed saddles that can be used for the practice of several equestrian sports. In addition, when buying a used saddle, it is better to choose leather saddles. Indeed, leather saddles are more robust and easier to fix than synthetic ones. However, if you need used saddles for sale, you have to cheack some facets.

Points to Check When Buying a Used Saddle

When you buy a used saddle :

  • the first thing to look for is probably its appearance. Indeed, if already the appearance of the saddle is doubtful, it is not worth going further.
  • Subsequently, the second point to consider is the padding of the saddle. Indeed, over the years and uses, the padding of the saddle can lose all its effectiveness.
  • Another point to check is the strength of the expensive stirrups. If they move when you shoot, then the saddle is good for the trash.
  • Also, when you put the saddle between your legs and you press it, if the arch of the withers bends, creaks or deforms then the saddle is not good.
  • Then you can check the saddle tree. To do this, simply try to fold the saddle in half by placing it on your knee. If it bends in two or bends too much, then it is good for breaking.

These are some things to check when buying a used saddle. Skip these steps, feel free to try the saddle on the horse for a few days before buying it.

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